Herbal Pizza & Pasta Magic® 3 oz.

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One of our most popular seasoning blends, Herbal Pizza & Pasta Magic sets the bar for Italian flavor!

  • Pure Parmesan cheese with the highest quality herbs and spices.
  • Chef Paul’s versatile blend that adds excitement to soups, salads, egg dishes and your favorite pizza and pasta selections.
  • No added salt.
  • Contains no MSG or preservatives.

58 reviews for Herbal Pizza & Pasta Magic® 3 oz.

  1. Kate

    I don’t even use salt, pepper and garlic anymore! I watched a video and saw this brand now I have several in my cabinet! Fantastic!

  2. Barron L Dalton (verified owner)

    The BEST pizza seasoning I have ever used!

  3. Roy C Fields Sr

    wonderful seasoning, it is the secret of my home made sauce.

  4. Lisa Williams

    I cannot imagine making my delicious potato soup without this! It is beyond wonderful!

  5. Jessica F

    This has completely changed the way I make spaghetti and pizza. My spaghetti is 10x better, but the pizza…that’s an entirely new world. Before, it never felt like I could get the spices quite right, and now, it’s flawless every single time and all I use is this blend! I also toss this in casseroles quite often.

    Have you tried shirataki spaghetti? If you have, you may be familiar with the difficulty of getting enough flavor on the pasta itself. This SOLVES that. Simply boil the shirataki for 5 minutes, drain, and then coat it liberally in Pizza & Pasta Magic before tossing in your spaghetti sauce and whatever else your heart desires. A splash of teriyaki can’t hurt either. Poof—delicious <200-calorie pasta.

    This blend of seasonings has just the right bite of heat (mild) and all the brilliant complexity one would expect from food at a top notch local pizza place. Amazing.

  6. sfdiver27

    Shake some in lightly salted popcorn, it ROCKS!

  7. Jeff R

    OMG, best upgrade to any pizza. I moved from Chicago to Kansas City, and couldn’t get a good pizza anywhere. I picked up some Pizza and Pasta magic and WAMO! Put this on top of any homemade or store bought pizza and it instantly is "magic"

  8. Tammy

    LOVE this seasoning! I use it on pasta, pizza, roasted veggies, etc. Why can\’t I find it in the stores … especially if it\’s listed as your #2 top seller?

  9. Big Bad John

    Recently I made the best marinara sauce ever with this product. Fantastic stuff.

  10. Lori Hunt

    We thought we had lost this product and were crying a river of tears!!! I can’t tell you how much we just love this herbal spice combo. We use it on and in anything that that involves cheese & tomatoes. Yum!!!

  11. rkennell4

    Great spice once you use it you will be hooked!! This really needs to be put back in the supermarkets.

  12. Leslie

    I use this all the time. Especially good on vegetables & potatoes.
    PLEASE make it available in canister size!!!

  13. H Evans

    My husband has an extreme heart condition. In addition to his medications, implant, his dr has prescribed low sodium diet. I love to cook good-tasting dishes; it has been tuff transitioning recipes–your no salt spices are incredibly delicious especially Pasta Magic!!! This is a TEN-star product!!! Don’t even know there is no salt in it!!! Thank you…keep em coming!!!

  14. lucia

    I LOVE this seasoning, I use it on almost everything I cook. It’s my little secret everyone wants to know.

  15. Dan M.

    This is the Best seasoning i’ve ever had! goes great on everything!!!!!Hoping they make a version without the red pepper as my girlfriend does not care for spicy things.Although it tastes so good she eats it anyway!

  16. Kelly

    Best spice ever!!!! I even use it in my white sauces, not just my tomato sauces!!

  17. Purvi

    I LOVE pizza and pasta seasoning…I use it every time I make Italian dishes and sometimes non-Italian dishes. It\’s the perfect blend!

  18. jon zimmerman

    This stuff even turns Hamburger Helper into a gourmet dish. Fantastic!!!

  19. Kathy

    Last week found this in Albertsons at Largo Mall. I’ve been looking for ages and was shocked any store had it. They also had the spicy kind. It adds terrific flavor to foods

  20. Jennifer

    I agree with all the other comments, I LOVE this seasoning, I use it on almost everything I cook. It is versatile and adds nice flavor to most dishes. Have been unable to find it since moving to FL, glad I can order it here!

  21. Kym

    I LOVE this product. I have been looking for it in every grocery store I’ve gone in lately and was super excited when I found it last night!!! I ended up stocking up on it. It sure makes my homemade pizzas taste great! LOVE IT!!

  22. Anon

    The uses for this spice are limitless! I absolutely love it and recommend it to anyone looking to add a flavorful kick to their dinner! I put it on my pizza, chicken, pasta, and even fried mozzarella!

  23. Marcia

    Love It,Best Ever!!!!! I Order 10 bottles once a year. Use it in preparing all pasta dishes/pizzas & also give as gifts…everyone comments on how good it smells and tastes. Please don’t stop making this.

  24. teibore

    Great taste. Great with pizza and pasta!

  25. Lorrie

    I love the Pizza & Pasta Magic, along with the Hot & Sweet! I have been so frustrated looking for this in the grocery stores. I am so happy its still available. Please don’t stop making this. It flavors my sauces perfectly!

  26. gunner12

    This is the best stuff please put it back in the stores!!!!!!! The best part is that it has no sodium in it. It’s given my husband some taste back since he has a heart problem. so happy!!! needs to be back on the shelf please

  27. SIlvermoonsTowing

    I always use this in Italian dishes. It is great and I have been using it for about 4 years now…..

  28. Linda

    Awesome product! Hate that I can’t find it in stores anymore but am delighted to purchase it here! Keep making it! Pizza and subs are not the same without it!!!

  29. Linda

    My family uses Pizza and Pasta on so many things. We ran out recently and my son is very upset. I don’t know where to get it in the stores so I am glad I can order it online.

  30. Marla in Indiana

    OMGosh am I glad this is still available on-line. Herbal Pizza and Pasta Magic is the BEST seasoning for EVERYTHING. I put it on eggs, broccoli, pizza, …. almost everything. THe stores around here stopped carrying it… PLEASE don’t stop making it !!

  31. Marla in Indiana

    OMGosh am I glad this is still available on-line. Herbal Pizza and Pasta Magic is the BEST seasoning for EVERYTHING. I put it on eggs, broccoli, pizza, …. almost everything. THe stores around here stopped carrying it… PLEASE don’t stop making it !!

  32. Suzzane,

    This is the best all around seasoning for anything Italian. Could not find in the stores anymore. I am glad I can now by online, but why not in the stores anymore?

  33. Eileen

    Pizza and Pasta Magic is now the secret ingedient in many of my dishes. I even use it for shrimp and steak marinades! Can’t live without it… Please package it in larger quantities for us addicts!

  34. Larry

    This is the true secret to pizza. PLEASE PUT IT BACK IN STORES!!!

  35. Dawn

    Love this seasoning! This and the Hot & Sweet are the secret ingredients to my spaghetti sauce. I was so disappointed when my area stores stopped carrying it. PLEASE PUT IT BACK IN STORES!!!

  36. Dawn

    This and the Hot and Sweet are the secret to my spaghetti sauce. I was lost when I couldn’t find it in any of our area stores. PLEASE PUT IT BACK IN THE STORES!!!

  37. Bob

    Why do you not sell this in stores…only online. I order 3 bottles at a time, and the shipping fee increases the cost to over $5 per bottle.

  38. jerry

    Won’t make Pizza without it

  39. Katrina

    This stuff is the secret to my spaghetti and meatballs!! It’s the best!! Cannot cook without it! Please make it available in stores again!

  40. Diane

    I LOVE this stuff! I use it on my panini’s before I grill them too. Incredible flavor!

  41. MissPriss

    love it! Great for pizza, pasta, and anything else.

  42. Penny

    This is GREAT on pizza and lasagna! I was surprised when I saw it only had 3.3 stars but as I looked over the reviews, I noticed that some people that LOVED it forgot to click the stars and they end up giving it 0/5 instead of 5/5!

  43. Lisa – NC

    BEST SEASONING EVER for pizza and red sauces. Can’t live without it, though have moved to an area where it’s not easy to find it, so now I buy it here. So grateful to be able to get it!

  44. SoCoolCurt

    this stuff is amazing. we started selling pizzas at my job (a state park camp store) and my boss brought this in after we said the pizzas they got weren’t very good. after adding this seasoning though, no one can stop eating those same terrible pizzas! lol it’s probably not very politically correct but he actually calls it “Pizza Cocaine”.

    i really wish stores would start to carry it again though because this is the only place i can find it now. 🙁

  45. Cindy

    I love this stuff. I use it on everything! Since I found I am allergic to gluten I have had to alter my diet and nothing has flavor! This adds the flavor back!

  46. Cap’n Jon

    This is by far, the best seasoning I have ever tasted! I’m so happy I found it here online, as I was conserving what little we had, as no stores here carry it!

  47. Mike

    i use this when i make my spaghetti and i will never make spaghetti again if you dont put this back in stores im dissapointed to not see it in stores. When i was purchising this in stores it was alot cheaper as well why is it not cheaper online

  48. Pam

    I’ve missed this seasoning!!! We can no longer get it in our area. Thanks for offering it online!!!

  49. Lanette

    I haven’t been able to find this in the stores since I bought it the first time, so I was thrilled to find it here. It is wonderful to add to anything you need Italian seasoning on. I put it on the table after adding it to dishes so guests can use extra if they desire.

  50. Ryan

    This is the best seasoning out there. Meijer\’s has stopped carrying it so I am sending an e-mail to the retail division to see if any other stores carry it on the shelf. If not, I will have to buy a few on-line.

  51. KElly

    I add this in my meat for Tacos , Burritos and Meatloaf and all my guest rave about it.

  52. Thomas

    When all the stores around us stopped stocking pizza & pasta magic I came here to find it. Cooking italian without it made my family ask what was missing. Thanks for making it available!

  53. Distance

    this is by far the greatest seasoning ever! i use it in and on everything, pizza, pasta, soups, there is just no end! adds just the right touch to everything i have tried it on!!

  54. Terry

    This stuff is great on pizza, but it’s even better on pasta!

  55. Tee

    It is also great in spaghetti. We put it on bread with more parmesean and added a little ketchup then toasted it. My 4yr. old loved!

  56. Fireman Patrick

    When I cook pizza from stratch at the firehouse everyone raves about it and they want to know how I do it. Herbal Pizza & Pasta Magic is the key.

  57. PineyGirl2007

    This stuff is the greatest. It can make a frozen storebrand pizza taste like it came from the best italian restuarant. (Can\’t do much for the cheap crust, but gives it a flavor like you wouldn\’t believe!)

  58. Paul

    Very good. Use it on much more then just pizza and pasta.

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