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Chef Paul’s line of seven ground chile powders offer a great variety of exciting flavors for the adventuresome taste buds. The chiles range in heat from 2 to 7.5 with each container labeled with a heat index. All the chiles contain no additives, preservatives or Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and are all certified Kosher.

Choices Available:
Anaheim (Mild) also referred to as chile Colorado, is the ripe form of the green peppers of the same name.
Ancho (Medium) is the sweetest of the dried chiles, mainly used in preparation of sauces and moles.
Arbol (Hot) is slender in appearance but gives the immediate heat with a touch of acidic, smoky flavor.
Chipotle (Hot) is a smoked jalapeño pepper, giving a unique smoky flavor to your food.
Guajillo (Mild) has a subtle, sweet heat that lends itself to a variety of creative applications.
New Mexico (Mild) is also referred to as the dried California Chile, providing an earthy flavor with some acidity
and a crisp clear heat.
Pasilla (Medium) is a chilaca chile and is one of the most used chiles in the preparation of the traditional mole
Cayenne (Hot) is thin chile pepper frequently used in sauces, soups and are one of the special touches as an ingredient in Louisiana food.


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