Salmon Magic, 24 oz. Shaker

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Salmon Magic®, one of Chef Paul´s most popular creations, is a unique blend of carefully selected herbs and spices with subtle accents of dry mustard seeds.

  • These distinct flavors enhance the natural goodness of salmon or any other type of fish, shellfish or seafood.
  • Whether you are grilling, sautéing, baking, broiling or poaching, Chef Paul´s Salmon Magic adds just the right flavor to any recipe.
  • All natural, contains no MSG or preservatives, and is Kosher approved.

14 reviews for Salmon Magic, 24 oz. Shaker

  1. Dale Cross

    Love Salmon Seasoning

  2. Sue Barnes

    I love the salmon seasoning for all our fish. I can’t find it in the stores so I’m over the moon happy to find it on your website. My 24 oz Container is almost empty!

  3. Kevin Bannigan

    As a former food service management professional and amateur foodie, ‘Salmon Magic’ is the best seafood spice/flavoring that I have found! It would be a staple in any restaurant or private kitchen that I am associated with. Five stars across the board!

  4. bobnv

    Salmon Magic ! ! ! !
    There are not enough words to describe this seasoning and do it the justice it deserves.
    I have been using Magic Seasonings since 1991 and the one seasoning that will never be missing from my pantry is Salmon.
    I use it on salmon (naturally), fish in general but am trying to wean myself to seafood magic for other fish. I use on chicken, pork, some vegetables, And if you are a connoisseur of chicken salad or tuna salad sandwiches use Salmon Magic instead of any other seasonings, bet that would make the AM PM guy really go whow …. It just makes a great sandwich, nuff said.
    Actually used it on ribs, until Honey BBQ showed up

  5. Janie

    I have been using Salmon Magic for years. This is the absolute best seasoning I have ever had. I use it on everything because it tastes great on steaks, pork chops, chicken and a great addition to tuna salad! I don’t know if I could cook without it. Besides online, we find it at Albertson’s.

  6. Bob

    I buy magic seasonings by the canister, I buy salmon magic by the case. This is one of the most versatile seasoning in the line. Literally works on just about everything except red meat. Any fish, shellfish, awesome for grilled chicken, even on pork, well kindof but it is prime it the world of seafood

  7. Rick

    We can’t find it anywhere but online. Because we ran out, we stopped grilling salmon. As soon as we get our order, I guarantee we’ll be back to salmon once a week. (Yeah, we ordered TWO 24 oz. containers.)

  8. Robert R Bardwell

    When it wasn't offered at Costco I ordered 8 pounds direct! I would have paid $35.00 for one 24oz container.

  9. Harry III

    Great product, makes the best salmon I’ve had anwhere. I’ve gone from having salmon once a month to once or twice a week.

  10. Daniel


  11. Sam Montanez

    This stuff is incredible, so incredible that it recently was eliminated from our local stores and we had to order it directly from the manufacturer. One of the best seasonings for fish in general that we have ever tested.

  12. jp

    I love this stuff! Can’t believe the price! Just got mine, fits much better in my cabinet. The spice blend itself is simply gorgeous!

  13. rojo lobo

    We are addicted to this wonderful seasoning! Salmon on the grill is our favorite meal, and now, EVEN MORE SO!! Our friends who say, “I don’t like salmon” are saying “WOW! Yummy!” when we serve this. Try it! You won’t be sorry. Tastes fabulous, and makes your salmon a beautiful bronze-y color – a beautiful dish! Thanks, Chef P for a great product.

  14. Ellen

    Salmon never tasted so good before using this seasoning. Also delicious used on vegetables and pork (along with the pork and veal seasoning. You will love this seasoning.

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