Sweetie Magic 9 oz.

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This aromatic blend is oh so sweet with a kiss of cinnamon and spice. Add a new twist to your breakfast by sprinkling it on toast, cereal, fresh fruit, or try it on your muffins, cakes, pies, and other baked goods. A wonderful addition to puddings, custards, and sweet sauces. Exceptional on pain perdu (French Toast) and New Orleans-style bread pudding! Just substitute Sweetie Magic™ for sugar, and notice the difference!

6 reviews for Sweetie Magic 9 oz.

  1. Kerrie Slaton

    Love this as a topping on muffins and in oatmeal. Sorry it isn’t available locally. Getting some for family and friends as a surprise since I forgot to get it as a stocking stuffer for Christmas.

  2. Lisa & Rob

    Love this stuff! Have been looking for it for months because we are almost out. Glad it is available online!

  3. mtnpatt

    Boom! This stuff is magic. Use it to replace syrup and sweetness on my low sugar, low salt, no fat no fun healthy eating program! Sure wish grocery stores carried it!

  4. MominCLT

    My kids are in love with this! They must have it on something every morning. We are native New Orleanians but live in Charlotte now, and I\’m buying the huge industrial container of it so we won\’t ever run out!

  5. Debi S

    This really does wonders with spaghetti sauce, too! My husband had trouble with acidity, but when I add this to my sauce, it not only reduces it, but also makes the sauce taste better. We love it.

  6. Kelly Koch

    We love this product. I wish the stores in my area carried this. Makes great french toast, goes great on regular toast. Add to homemade applepies or cobbler.

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