Chipotle Seasoning 20 oz.

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NEW! Piquant and satisfying!  Our rich Magic Chipotle Seasoning blend has a smoky nose and a mild heat finish. This chile-lover’s delight is a blend of smoked jalapeños, dried herbs and citrus flavors.  Wonderful on chicken, beef, chops, fish and vegetables.  (To use, simply substitute for salt, pepper, and other herbs & spices in your recipe.)

  • No Preservatives
  • MSG-Free and Gluten-Free
  • Kosher and Halal certified
  • Also known as “Chipotle Chile Magic”

6 reviews for Chipotle Seasoning 20 oz.

  1. Jon Smitley

    Seasoned Fried Green Tomatoes with this. Fantastic. Hint of smoke, a bit of sweet to compliment the tart tomato.

  2. Greg L

    I use this with chicken and sliced potatoes with bell peppers and carrots. Chicken Magic on the chicken and Chipotle Magic on everything else. Its perfect!

  3. SX

    Great flavor, but agree that it could use more of a chipotle kick and less sugar. That said, it’s a very tasty blend and is versatile.

  4. Mike A

    Could use a bit more chipotle – I prefer the Blackened Redfish, Barbecue or Fajita Magic blends over this one.

  5. John P

    The Chipotle Chili Magic goes wonderfully with pork. We frequently dredge pork chops like we would if we were blackening fish and then cook them in a George Forman Grill. Absolutely amazing.

  6. Lenore J

    Love this in chile. It gives a wonderful spicy flavor to the dish. You will love it too!

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