Magic Pepper Sauce 1 gal.

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  • A unique blend of fully ripened red cayenne and habanero peppers and spices gives all your recipes a little flavor kick.
  • Unlike other hot sauces, there’s no aftertaste.
  • Magic Pepper Sauce® enhances food with flavor, not just heat.
  • The result is hot, but not too hot.
  • It’s spicy, it’s natural and it’s a hot seller.

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15 reviews for Magic Pepper Sauce 1 gal.

  1. Lex dismukes

    The best hot sauce I have found in my 46 years. Very versatile. I normally get a gallon about twice a year.

  2. John D Clarkston

    The hot sauce is REAL GOOD S**T. Was given a sample with Popeye’s Chicken back in the 90’s and have been buying by the gallon since

  3. Dwight

    None better, a little heat and a ton of flavor. Perfect hot sauce for everything…It is the only hot sauce I buy and get mine by the gallon.

  4. Bobby Maas

    It makes unbelievable chicken wings with butter and white pepper.. We go through 2 gallons a year at home.


    Best sauce I’ve had best hot sauce

  6. Kelly j

    Over the last 10 years I have ordered over 2 gallons of Chef Pauls Magic Pepper sauce and i am in the process of ordering another gallon. This is the best sauce i have ever tasted bar none, i put it on everything. It has a sweet taste with a mild burn unlike anything on the market, buy some you wont be sorry, hope they never stop makeing it because im a lifelong fan !

  7. Jeremy

    Discovered this when I visited K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen and have been hooked ever since. We buy it by the gallon and share it with family and friends. It’s fantastic stuff!

  8. Alison

    This has been my favorite all-around sauce for years. It has great flavor with just the right amount of heat.

  9. Richard Step

    First tried this sauce 7 years ago. I’ve not purchased any other sauce since then. In fact, my wife and I take a bottle with us when we go to restaurants and I keep one in my desk at work.

  10. richard hernandez

    The best hotsauce i have ever had and i tried over 1000

  11. Jimmyboi816


  12. John Collins

    Yes, though all the items here are very good and indispensable for quick and delicious Cajun fare, this hot sauce is extremely flavorful rather that just a heat source like so many of the so called “Louisiana” hot sauces. It\’s quite unique and well worth buying repeatedly, which I have done for several years now.

  13. Steve Pehnec

    You can use a cupful and not burn the house down. It is the absolute best!

  14. Dustin

    We placed a big order from Chef Paul. We got a bunch of spices and three bottles of this sauce. They are GONE! I’m getting a gallon this time. This is my new favorite sauce. Beats the pants off of that famous one and the one named after the state of LA. GREAT stuff Chef Paul!! This one is perfect!! Thank you. 🙂

  15. Brenda

    It’s so good I always buy it by the gallon! An amazing flavor and the perfect amount of heat. My whole family loves it.

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