Seafood Magic® 24 oz. Canister

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A complex blend of premier herbs and spices, Seafood Magic® will leave your tongue mesmerized! Perfect for use on all seafood and shellfish, regardless of preparation. Easy to use in seafood stews and gumbos and terrific as a shrimp-boil! (To use, simply substitute for salt, pepper, and other herbs & spices in your recipe.)


  • No Preservatives
  • MSG-Free and Gluten-Free
  • Kosher and Halal approved




6 reviews for Seafood Magic® 24 oz. Canister

  1. Scott

    I very rarely give reviews like this. I must say, this blend is pretty amazing. I just finished a home cooked salmon fillet with this seasoning on top. All I did was place the fillet on a baking sheet, add seasoning on top, bake. The combination really gives it that extra pop and juiciness. Highly recommend!

  2. Charles

    Of all of the Magic blends I like the Seafood Magic the best. When I want to try a spice blend on a different type of food I always grab the Seafood Magic and give it a try. It’s always worked so far!

  3. jt32

    Love this stuff!!! By far, my absolute FAVORITE spice/spice blend!

  4. Jason Tidd

    I don’t give 5 stars out very often at all, in fact, it’s a rarity. And let me be very clear here, I am ONLY giving 5 stars to the Seafood Magic. But the Seafood Magic gets 5 stars from me hands down everytime!!! And I don’t just use it on seafood either, although it is fantastic in that application. I use Seafood Magic on EVERYTHING savory! I love this stuff on ANY & ALL types of meat. My 2 favorite ways though are: 1st & Favorite is on the grill/bbq. 2nd would be as my slow cooker seasoning. (And again, this rings true no matter what type of meat I use.) If you’ve been thinking about trying out one of the Magic Seasoning Blends but have been on the fence about it then, in my opinion, you should certainly give it a try/chance. Personally, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. But more/most importantly, give the Seafood Magic a try as your 1st choice. In my opinion, you really CANNOT go wrong!!!

  5. Tom

    I have used seafood magic for many years. Someone gave me a small bottle as a gift. I now buy it online in the 24 oz canister. I use it to cook salmon on the BBQ grill which I do year round in Pa. I also mix it in ground beef along with diced onion and crushed red pepper to make grilled hambergers.

  6. FDC

    This is my favorite. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to these seasoning blends several years ago, and have always had them in my pantry ever since. The Seafood Magic is always close at hand, I use it on everything from salmon and swordfish to broiled scallops and haddock. But my favorite is using it on a nice thick rib eye – yes Seafood Magic on steak – we also love to mix it generously into our ground beef before forming into hamburgers. My pantry will never be out of Seafood Magic.

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