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TOTAL Magic Giftpack comes with a copy of Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Fiery Foods That I Love cookbook, nine 2-oz. bottles of Magic Seasoning Blends® (Meat Magic®, Poultry Magic®, Blackened Redfish Magic®, Seafood Magic®, Blackened Steak Magic®, Pork & Veal Magic®, Vegetable Magic®, Herbal Pizza & Pasta Magic®, and Hot & Sweet Pizza & Pasta Magic®) and one bottle of Magic Pepper Sauce®.

In Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Fiery Foods That I Love, everyday ingredients are turned into a creative masterpiece! Here’s where the addition of a paste of ground pecans and coffee makes “magic” of sautéed chicken; where wonderful dark, rich black beans find their way into a loaf of bread; and plantains make sweet and tender a perfect pork roast.

What about chiles? Chef Paul will be glad you asked. He feels so strongly about chiles that he has added a special “Notes from the Test Kitchen” to introduce you to some of the many varieties. Chile peppers add awesome underlying flavor, and Chef Paul promises to make ground chile peppers as permanent a part of the way you cook as salt and pepper. (These chiles are available as a set or individually.)

Chef Paul has traveled around the globe, brought back its flavors, and dreamed them into such mouthwatering, soul-satisfying recipes as Fire-Roasted Garlic Bread; Fennel and Split Pea Soup; Fried Eggplant coated in sesame seeds; Pepper Tomato Shrimp; Sweet Beef and Fresh Chiles; Smothered Potatoes, Cabbage and Andouille; and much, much more. And he’s even added his “Too Hot for Mrs. Podunk” recipes for those of you hungry for five-alarm flavor.

With Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Fiery Foods That I Love, you’ll cook meals that are so flavorful they’ll lift your spirits. And you’ll find yourself going back to them time and time again.

To use Magic Seasoning Blends® in recipes found in Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Fiery Foods That I Love cookbook, simply add up the amount of dry herbs and spices called for in the recipe’s “Seasoning Mix”, and substitute approximately the same amount of the appropriate blend (for example, if you were doing a chicken dish, you’d substitute Poultry Magic®) for the herbs and spices in the cookbook.

If a recipe calls for a sweet spice or an unusual ingredient subtract the amount of sweet or unusual spice prior to adding up the dry herb seasoning mix, then add back the subtracted ingredient(s) to the Magic Seasoning Blends® amount required for the conversion.

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  1. Steve

    I love your products. Using your spicies is like having Mardi Gras every week in Pittsburgh.

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