Magic Pepper Sauce 3.25 fl. oz.

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  • A unique blend of fully ripened red cayenne and habanero peppers and spices gives all your recipes a little flavor kick.
  • Unlike other hot sauces, there’s no aftertaste.
  • Magic Pepper Sauce® enhances food with flavor, not just heat.
  • The result is hot, but not too hot.
  • It’s spicy, it’s natural and it’s a hot seller.


31 reviews for Magic Pepper Sauce 3.25 fl. oz.

  1. ajitp007 (verified owner)

    For an awesome combination of heat and flavor this is the one to stick with.

  2. Kathy Dixson


  3. Cajieboy

    My A#1 all-time favorite Hot Sauce. Chef Paul will be greatly missed but at his legacy lives on with his sauces & spices. BTW, Louisiana Kitchen remains open in New Orleans. After a fantastic meal you can go visit the Store next door to purchase this Sauce and more.

  4. Cajieboy

    My favorite Hot Sauce, bar none. This little gem is hard to find in grocery stores. Order Magic Pepper Sauce here.

  5. E.J. Wilson

    We got Magic Pepper Sauce back east, but it’s not here in SE NM. So I ordered a case. There is NOTHING better on catfish than this stuff! Or Chilli or tacos or pizza or … [insert favorite food here]. A little slice of heaven!

  6. Linda Day (verified owner)

    Best seasoning sauce. Cannot eat pizza without it! Love it and give it as gifts.

  7. Mr Evil

    Come back twice a year to buy a dozen best sauce around!

  8. Bo Larsson

    I am from Sweden and I use it on my egg every morning.

  9. Matt Manning

    One of the best & most flavorful hot sauces. Wish I could get a size bigger than 3.25 fl.oz. but less than 1 gallon.

    • Joel Poole

      Our new half-gallon is coming soon!

  10. Big Bad John

    Superb hot sauce. Not just heat, but heat with flavor. Delicious! My favorite hot sauce.

  11. Dalia

    The Best!!!! My Brother had it and we tried it when we went over to visit and We all Loved it! and had to find out where to buy it. Since then we have bought a case every year. Best Sauce ever!!! 🙂

  12. Christopher Hines

    My sister recommended this sauce to me instead of hot sauce. Now I put it on my fried chicken, fish, even eggs. It is DA BOMB!!!!! :-). Was disappointed that my local grocery store stopped carrying it. When I asked the manager, he recommended Tiger Sauce. Close, but NOT “IT”. That was over a year ago, then, “duh”, as I was eating my chicken wings with the Tiger Sauce today it dawned on me to try the Internet. There is a GOD! (Smile). Ordered 5 bottles.

  13. Bill

    I cannot begin to describe how much I love this stuff. I only wish I had discovered it a long time ago.

  14. Melissa

    This is the BEST hot sauce in existence. Period. We order about 20 at a time to make sure we are always fully stocked and I give them to friends who I know have a discerning enough palette to truly appreciate it.

  15. tori’s mom

    I ordered 10 bottles for my daughter at Christmas and they were ALL gone by end of March. She absolutely LOVES this sauce! And believe me we have gone through tons of hot sauces in our house!

  16. Chris


  17. John

    Best pepper sauce on the market. Taste good on anything you cook.

  18. Uriel – Israel

    It’s absolutely the very B E S T pepper sauce in the market.
    Much tastier than Tabasco and the other competitors.
    The problem is they don’t import it to Israel, so I have to order 10-15 bottles and ship them overseas…

  19. Kenny H

    I love this on Pizza,not too hot and with a hint of sweetness

  20. Scott

    I am from south Louisiana and had been searching for the perfect hot sauce. This is not a unidimensional hot sauce, heat, sweet, spice. It\’s as near perfect as I can imagine!

  21. Gary

    I’m making the best chili I’ve ever made now because of this sauce. I don’t make my chili very hot, just nice and warm. The problem I was having before is that the chili powders you buy (chilis, cumin, garlic, oregano) only taste good up to a point. If you want real warm chili and you try to get there solely with chili powder, the flavors get out of balance. So now, with this chili sauce, I use just a small to moderate amount of a standard ancho type chili powder, then add about a tablespoon of pepper sauce per 2 qt batch. The result is wonderful flavor, sweet, warms you all the way to your toes, feels very good in the tummy!

  22. Alex V

    Not trying to be funny but I am when I say its like crack except better. I’m so glad I can buy it online because my local stores don’t carry it anymore and I’ve run down my supply to the last bottle.

  23. bill

    u have got 2 try it n a bloody taste ever

  24. Topstar

    I bought so much of it from my local Sweetbay market that they rewarded me and jacked the price up is the best flavored hot sauce..anybody can create a burn-ur-ass-off sauce. If you haven’t already burned your tastebuds off, try this magic.

  25. Eddie

    Absolutely the best! I collect sauces but only actually use this one. Tops in flavor with the right amount of heat.

  26. Steve

    This is the BEST pepper sauce ever. I travel to Houston occasionally & can find it at Spec’s downtown store sometimes. Normally, though, I have to order it online. Speaking of which, it’s that time again (to order more pepper sauce).

  27. Steve

    This is the BEST pepper sauce ever. I travel to Houston occasionally & can find it at Spec’s downtown store sometimes. Normally, though, I have to order it online. Speaking of which, it’s that time again (to order more pepper sauce).

  28. oz

    sniz nizzle snip snap snam….best hot sauce ever

  29. tralala

    this hot sauce has the best flavor of any i’ve ever tasted! but i live in picayune now & i can’t find it anywhere– i guess i’ll order from here now. HEY– change the rating on this- the other posters did not click on their stars!!!

  30. Grace

    BEST HOT SAUCE EVER! I love it. It really is the best on the market. Lots of flavor and just the right amount of heat. It\’s just too bad you can\’t find it at the major grocery stores anymore!

  31. Joe

    An excellent sauce with lip smacking flavor. Best tasting pepper sauce I’ve ever tried. Period.

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