Ground Dried Magic Chile – Chipotle (HOT) 1.5 ounce

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Chipotle is a smoked jalapeno pepper, giving a unique smokey flavor to your food.


Magic Chiles are in their purest forms and contain no essences, oils or extenders.

This Magic Chile is used in many of the recipes from Chef Paul Prudhomme’s cookbook, Fiery Foods That I Love and many are ingredients in the Kitchen Expedition and Louisiana Tastes cookbooks.

This Ground Dried Magic Chile is one of the most commonly used dried chiles in Mexico. It is a wonderful addition to soups, sauces and gravies. Use a small amount to add excitement to any dish, even desserts. Adding the milder chiles will provide a pleasant chile flavor without adding heat. Use the Magic Chile as an addition to your favorite dishes and not as a substitute to the recipe’s seasoning portion.

5 reviews for Ground Dried Magic Chile – Chipotle (HOT) 1.5 ounce

  1. Wendy Frankel

    We make a chile soup that is fabulous and only that way because of this wonderful spice.

  2. Gabrielle

    We use this in everything, esp. popcorn (with brewer’s yeast, but in salad dressing, on sadnwiches, in stews, soups. When we run out, we’re sort of at a loss!

  3. Pamela A, 1/18/09

    This Chipotle is STUPENDOUS and can be used
    for anything in moderation. I especially love it in vegetable soup as well as hundreds of other things. The store I purchased it has not had it since so my husband bought every other brand to appease me and NONE of them hold a candle to this blend…so after a year
    I am on his website and ordering it personally for food is not the same w/o it’s mild and very tasty kick!!! Thank YOu!!! pamela amende

  4. Lynne R

    The Chipotle is great–I’ll be giving it as a X-mas gift.

  5. Sue

    Love it! Great for Salsa

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