Salt-Free Sugar-Free: Sweet & Spicy 2 oz.

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The name says it all!  This seasoning is bright and assertive, complementing all types of dishes without being overpowering. It also enhances the taste of food without the bitter and metallic taste of salt “substitutes”. Banish the bland with this exciting blend which packs medium heat.

  • No Preservatives
  • MSG-Free and Gluten-Free
  • Sugar Free and Salt Free
  • Kosher and Halal approved
  • NO SALT SUBSTITUTES! Only 5 mg of natural potassium per serving.

2 reviews for Salt-Free Sugar-Free: Sweet & Spicy 2 oz.

  1. Cuddlekat

    This was so good I had to order a second bottle right away as my BIL snagged the first one. I love it. Just a hint of sweet but no sugar (stevia instead) no salt but tons of flavor. No offensive substitute aftertaste. I use it most often on popcorn and lately I\’ve been hitting the succotash pretty hard (frozen edemame, frozen corn, canned black soy beans with just a little red bell pepper for color sauteed in olive oil with a healthy flurry of Paul Prudhomme\’s and a little garlic powder.) I am eager to try the other offerings, I\’ve never been disappointed in Paul Prudhomme\’s.

  2. charlotte

    Perfect all around seasoning w/a little kick. Goes great in pasta sauces, chili, dips, or anything else that needs some non-boring spice.

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