Savory Oatmeal Breakfast Bowls

We cooked these oats with shallots, bacon and stock for a break from the traditional oatmeal breakfast!  We then topped them with a couple of eggs for a protein and fiber-rich meal you can eat any time of the day!  The savory oatmeal even makes a great side dish for other proteins like grilled pork chops, steaks or ham!

Macedonian Baked Beans

This traditional Macedonian white bean casserole, traditionally known as tavče gravče, is prepared with our smoked andouille sausage and Anaheim peppers for a smoky, mild heat. You can also leave out the andouille and use vegetable broth or water in place of the chicken stock for a vegetarian option.


Monday Red Beans

Red beans with rice is the traditional Monday supper in New Orleans. This recipe keeps well and is just as good a couple of days later.

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