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Andouille Sausage Dressing

Whether you prepare this bread dressing in a casserole dish, or use it as a stuffing for your turkey, chicken or pork chops, we guarantee you’ll want to have an extra serving – maybe even two!

Andouille Corn Dogs

We dipped our premium Andouille Smoked Sausage into a fresh cornmeal batter for a gourmet snack on a stick! Dip in traditional mustard, ketchup or even a spicy remoulade sauce for ultimate flavor!

Spicy Irish Nachos

We’re using thin-sliced crispy potatoes for these tasty nachos! We made them a little spicy with our Magic Creole Seasoning – but we didn’t stop there! We topped them with our hot andouille sausage and Magic Pepper Sauce for a spicy snack that’s filling enough for dinner too!

Beef Bourguignon

In this adaptation of Julia Child’s French classic Boeuf Bourguignon, we used our smoky Tasso ham in place of the bacon, sweet potatoes instead of carrots, and replaced the spices with our Magic Creole Seasoning. These small changes broke tradition but still emulate the flavors and cooking styles of both Julia Child’s and Chef Paul’s recipes.

Italian-Style Panini

We added our Smoked Meats to this pressed sandwich for a unique touch of flavor! They pair well with the provolone and the vinegary veggie mix. Want to go a little spicy? Just use our Hot Andouille instead of Regular!


Pastalaya – an awesome mash-up of your favorite type of pasta with smoky, meaty jambalaya!